01 August 2012

Najla Iffah Shahzani

:: Assalamualaikum and Selamat Berpuasa to all of you~

Tiz pic show how happy im...all of us was smiling include that cute little pooh..

This pic was taken in Langkawi Airport, im rushing back to Selangor for an interview session (and FYI i failed it).. not my rezeki maybe..

We are in da middle of our vacation there..and i struggling come back home juz to attend that session.. 

From left : Hunny (my sis) + Najla (my anak buah) + me

picnic : free time~

glorious n tiring picnic eva~

 buddies : langau + awin (langau gf) + me
buddies : him + langau + me

location : bukit cahaya seri alam, shah alam

19 May 2012

duty in salak~

Assalamualaikum and selamat bangkit tidor kpd mereka2 yg gemar tidor spt adikku faisal.. makhluk ini boleh tdor selama 18jam tanpa malu2 walau aku terpaksa jirus air panas utk kejutkan dia utk semayang~

Azam wa rini nak write in english...jika tersilap grammar n tersalah kata harap dimaafkan lah ye..

Now I in Getrahome 's sale office at Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. Actually today is not my duty, i just replace one of my colleagues, Kak Lina... her husband will go back home after 3 week did not see each other.. Well that what we called long-distance romance~ Pity her so i just give them time to mingling together. How nice i'm~ VERY YOUNG but have a big heart...Hahahahahahaaa <3

 Very hot here...maybe because of the surrounding landscape full with babies tree..im going to be darker day by day here..Alhamdulillah i just came here one time in a month.. Eh, like i sit outside playing with the light of the sun as site worker~ just sitting in the aircond and waiting the purchaser and treated them with all my heart   but still grumbling.. annoying! Haha..

Can't wait to go back to Shah Alam.. sleepy and hungry okeh... this morning only eat a small breakfast..nasi goreng and meehoon goreng...is that SMALL? maybe my stomach was soooo big~ aigoo..no that my tip to keep my healthy body alaiz awesome...HOI HEALTHY KEW???

enough...WANNA GO BACK! <3

26 April 2012

rahsia hati

Assalamualaikum semua...
Lama sudah tidak melayan blog sehinggakan blogger dah version baru pon tak pasan..


lagu ini sesuai dgn perasaan hati wa..